Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lush Christmas

Although he's lost his little nose, he's still very cute! This is a bath melt so it is packed full of essential oils and if it's anything like the other lush bath melts I've used, will leave skin so soft and smelling lovely! It is made of almond oil and cocoa butter and has a lovely Christmassy smell which is made up of cinnamon leaf oil, clove leaf oil and sweet orange oil. I'm saving this one to use nearer to Christmas! 

This is a bath bomb containing popping candy and cinnamon leaf oil to recreate the warmth of an open fire (according to the lush website...) This smells really similar to the melting snowman, Christmassy and lovely!

Bubble bars are my favourite lush bath product because you can crumble a little bit off and spread it out between at least 3 baths! This looks amazing but the glitter transfers on the everything, so if you're not a fan of glittery hands, clothes and face you may prefer another one! This contains Patchouli oil, persian lime oil, clove oil and sweet orange oil, so as you can imagine, it smells pretty damn good. 

This is one of my favourites! I love anything apple scented, although I'm not sure what apples have to do with Christmas but I love it anyway. It's pink inside and lets off a lovely rose scent as its fizzing away. FAVE.

This has a very sweet scent made up of mandarin and bergamot oil. It smells a bit like refreshers! Definitely a little treat for Christmas eve!

This is a Christmassy bear shaped version of the Butterball bath bomb. Containing cocoa butter, cocoa powder and ylang ylang oil its really nourishing leaving skin feeling so soft. 

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