Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Costume Tutorial!

So every year when halloween rolls around I can't think of anything exciting and just reach for the cat/mouse/some sort of animal ears ('I'm a mouse duh...') But because this is our last year at uni, me and my housemate Kat decided we wanted to dress up properly! But of course on a student budget so we went for a DIY Dead Nurses!
I took some snaps of the getting ready process to show you a long the way...

My Halloween-y Make-up kit!

Fake blood and white face paint - £1.99 each from You Need Us.Accessorize Lovely Day palette.Stila in the light palette.Skylash mascara.BenetintClinique cream eyeliner

Step 1: Kat already had her base makeup on so then I smeared some white face paint in random places on her face, then applied a matte grey from the Lovely day palette in her crease and under her eye and blended it out.

Step 3: I then drew a thick line with the cream eyeliner ending in a small flick at the edge of her eye.Step 2: I then used Ebony from the in the light palette and applied it to the corners of the eyes, blended this out and made sure the line from underneath her eye up to the corner was neat and straight.
Step 4: Apply mascara. I used false lashes on myself as well for a more dramatic effect.
So that's the makeup done! Then we back combed out hair, and smeared fake blood all over our dresses and all over our arms and legs!
Tennis dresses: £7 H&MApron and headband set £5 from You Need Us.

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween tutorial! What are you dressing up as this year?Thanks for reading! :)Georgia and Kat xx
P.s. Did you see the last ever Guest-ober post by Clare from a bit of this and that? 


  1. great tutorial for halloween!


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  2. You both look lovely, great costumes! :) I went out as Medusa at the weekend. xo

  3. aww this is so cool, love the look!


  4. Thank you! I'll deffo do this again! Xx


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