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Guest Post | Five Fashion and Beauty Holiday Faux Pas

We’ve all seen it. Mr Socks-With-Sandals waiting in line for the city tour bus, complete with his trusty Hawaiian print shirt and a pair of flip-up sunglasses. Fashion seems to slip a little when you’re on holiday and most women admit to wearing things on holiday they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing back at home in the UK. But just because you are miles away from home, doesn’t give you the excuse to give up on fashion altogether.

Summer breaks usually mean you will have heaps of holiday snaps that will no doubt last longer than your holiday romance. Prevent yourself from looking back and cringing at your fashion decisions by avoiding the five most common fashion faux pas of holiday-ers.

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Two year olds learning to walk can just about get away with wearing them (just.) but anyone other than that has no excuse. They’re not big and they’re not clever. There are plenty of other comfortable options that will give you fresh feet without causing blisters or unsightly tan marks. Foot Petals have tons of different shaped shoe cushions that fit subtly into all types of shoes and sandals.

Travelling on holiday often means you let your normal beauty regime slip. Unless you’re a fan of the Sandra Bullock look (we all remember ‘that’ photo) invest in a good hair removal option. Shaving and waxing is a good quick fix but if you’re after a permanent solution the at-home laser hair removal device from Tria Beauty is an essential part of any traveller’s preparation.
There’s no questioning the practicality of bum-bags, but if you wouldn’t wear it at home, then why choose to wear it on holiday? There are plenty of other options to keep your valuables safe. Invest in a good over the shoulder bag with plenty of zip-pockets and hidden compartments to keep your valuables and your dignity together. Nothing screams ‘tourist’ more than a causal bum-bag hanging around your hips.
That oh-so-hilarious t-shirt with the slogan that sums up your holiday so well will soon be taking up valuable closet space when you return. Avoid the tourist filled markets selling ‘I heart New York’ t-shirts and head to the traditional, cultured kind to make sure your souvenir doesn’t end up in the ‘for charity’ pile next spring

Statement sunglasses are an essential item for any fashion conscious female on holiday. But there’s nothing worse than taking them off at the end of the day to reveal the classic reversed panda eyes. Most people forget to put UV protection on their face even though this is the most sun-exposed area of all. Sunscreens that are specifically designed for the face are available for all types including oily and acne prone skin. Kiehal offer a particularly good range of natural facial sunscreens with SPF from 15 to 50.

Thanks to Hazel Barnes for writing this hilarious and also very useful post! Hope you enjoyed :)

Hazel Barnes is a beauty and skin-care writer who blogs for Tria Beauty, a provider of skin-care, acne and anti-aging treatments.

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  1. Spots and stripes is something I see so many people wearing... this morning a woman had stripey jeggings on (blue and white) with a shirt which was spotty in White and Yellow - er no it looks wrong xx


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