Sunday, 17 August 2014

What to wear to work

When you reach your early twenties, I feel like it's normal to have a bit of a fashion crisis... if you went to uni you will have, like me, spent 80% of the time in pyjamas, 10% of the time in fancy dress and the other 10% in something you just threw on to run to a lecture. So after three years of this, you're thrown into a job where you are expected to look professional and sophisticated...
This isn't a year 10 work experience placement, your black school trousers and your mum's blouse won't cut it this time!
So I've made a list of tips to share so you can manage your workwear style without taking as many wrong turns as me... enjoy!

Please note...I had a dilemma, I couldn't take the pictures at the end of the day because I look all tired and flat, so I had to quickly snap them at the beginning of the day, hence the bad mirror selfies... I hope that the outfit inspiration makes up for the bad photos ;) 
I don't have to dress mega-smart at my office, so if you need to be suited and booted I'm sorry, I guess grab those black trousers and hope for the best... 

  • It can be hard to think of five work outfits, the trick is to mix and match. As long as you have some smart staple pieces, you can wear them with anything to smarten up the overall look. 
  • I think monochrome is always a winner if you need to look smart, a simple black dress or a white shirt will work wonders.
  • Footwear is important to finish of the look. I'm not saying you have to totter around in massive heels all day, ankle boots and brogues work too... but heels always look good. ( I realise I have flat sandals on in one outfit but it was like 30 degrees that day, I wanted to be comfortable...)
  • Don't wear mini skirts... its awkward. I speak from experience.
  • Try different hair styles. My hair is wavy and untamed naturally so I usually pin it back to make it look like an actual hair style... If I want it tied back I often do this style, its really easy to do and looks pretty.
And then forget all about it for casual Friday! ;)
That's all my tips! The links are attached to the picture :)

Thanks for reading,

Georgia x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Favourites

This month I have been really trying to slim down my makeup bag because it's not good for my back to keep carting it around... only joking its not that big. I have been loving my Bareminerals foundation since my April favourites and the way it's improved the look of my skin has inspired my to use much lighter products with more natural ingredients. 
This concealer is specifically for under eyes, it's like a lovely creamer moisturiser with a hint of colour to cover any darkness. Two in one eye cream and concealer significantly speeds up my getting ready time. What's not to love! See my review for more deets.
This became one of my favourite favourites very quickly! It's longlasting, its really moisturising without being sticky and its a lovely colour. See my review here :)
I got this bronzer free with my subscription to look magazine a while back, and its perfect. Its matte, it's not too dark so really nice for fair skin, and it blends really well. I've been wearing this every day this month with a little bit of peachy blush :)
This Bare Minerals Foundation has changed my life.. no exaggeration. When I first tested it, I wasn't sure how such a light powder would ever be able to give me enough coverage. It is light coverage but because it's so light an lets your skin breath unlike liquid foundations, my skin has drastically improved! It's clearer and more even toned so I sometimes even dare to go bare faced... Can't rave about this enough.

That's all folks!
What have you been loving through July?

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Georgia x

Friday, 1 August 2014

Korres | Wild Rose Lip Butter

On my route home from work there is a massive Waitrose and it regularly lures me in with it's really nice food. It also has a sizeable beauty section with lots of luxurious brands, so as you can imagine, between the food and the beauty products, most of my money is spent there nowadays...
I recently picked up this little treasure, Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter. 
I've been trying to minimise my makeup product usage to shorten the time it takes me to get ready in the morning (because I'm always running late...) and this helps a lot because it's two in one. It's a really lovely smooth balm which makes my lips feel soooo soft, and it's also tinted in a lovely deep red colour. It has great staying power and I LOVE it.

Has anyone tried any of the other flavours?

Link your reviews below :)

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