Sunday, 30 December 2012

Review | Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and you're all enjoying the sales! I'm online shopping as it's much less crowded and unpleasant! I've got a review for you today, and lots more to follow after getting some rather nice girly bits for Christmas :)

I bought this mid-December after seeing Zoella talking about it on YouTube, and have been using it SO much over the last few weeks! It smells amazing, not the usual sort of Soap and Glory smell, kind of citrus-y and sweet.

Soap and Glory say

'Soap & Glory™ Sugar Crush™ Body Scrub is a Smashed Brown Sugar Body Scrub with a fruity lime fragrance that blends sweet lime oil and almond oil with macadamia grains and glycerin from smashed brown sugar.
IT’S SUGAR, BABY: Use your Soap & Glory ™ Sugar Crush™ in the shower once, twice, or three times weekly, depending on the level of scaliness you struggle with. (Four times-even if you’ve ever been labelled ‘old lizard legs’.)'

  I say 

(Lizard legs, hehe) This is such a lovely scrub, the smell is the main thing I love about it but the consistency is also really nice, quite thick and with big sugary granules which exfoliate the skin really well. It's gentle and doesn't cause any soreness like some I've used, and a little goes a long way so £8 for 300ml is quite good value. It actually makes a difference to my skin, it feels smoother and moisturized when I get out of the shower and before I've even put moisturizer on! It's really lovely and I'd definitely recommend it, especially at this time of year when your legs have been hiding away under tights and trousers for months, and they are expected to look amazing with your New Years dress! (Note to self, buy some fake tan!)

That's all for today!

Have you used any of the Soap and Glory scrubs? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Instagram Diary #12

Westfield late night shopping and seeing the pretty lights :) | My lovely birthday bracelet! | Mine, Craig's and my little Sister's attempt at a gingerbread village! | I've just discovered peppermint hot chocolate and can't get enough! | Awkward train picture | You should never fall asleep first, you will get pen on your face and glittery nail polish on your thumbs | we love prank mirror! | Aww cute, my friends Hannah and Chris | Me and my pal Anthony! | Nadine and Hannah on my 21st :) | Me and Dani! | Three besties! | Attractive headgear for our house Christmas meal! | Walking to uni :) | Baked Camembert is the best! | Advent calendar! | Nintendo 64 Mario Kart night! | Hot Chocolate on a cold night! | Costa gingerbread and golden syrup muffin!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Top 5 Autumn/Winter Lip colours

So today's post is going to be my Top five Autumn Winter lip colours! I love wearing black flicked eyeliner everyday and rarely change my day time makeup from this so I do like to experiment with lip colours ever now and again! These are five of my most worn over Autumn and Winter this year :) hope you enjoy!

I used to wear this a lot in summer but I feel like its transferred really well to Autumn/ Winter too! It's such a lovely orangey pink and its very pigmented, the formula is great and it lasts really well!

2. Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte lipstick in shade 111I've done a full review on this lipstick which you can see here, I don't wear this too often because it is quite bold, but I've been wearing it on nights out recently and I really love it! 

I featured this in my November Favourites because I wear it most days, it's such a nice formula and lasts ages! It's really good for day time makeup.

I'm not really a lip gloss wearer, it has to be really special for me to wear it over and over, but I do love this one from Stila! It's a lovely colour and a really nice way to wear a darker colour on the lips more subtly. You can see a full review of the set I bought this in here.

5. Liz Earle Sheer lip gloss
I've never really looked at much Liz Earle makeup but I got this free with my Look magazine subscription and really love it! It's a really high quality lip gloss and lasts for ages! It's a really nice nude colour and looks great on its own and also to add gloss to a lipstick.
So that's all for now!I hope you enjoyed this post :)What are your fave lip colours at the moment?Thanks for reading!Georgia x 

Monday, 17 December 2012

How to | Sparkly Christmassy Nails

You can also do another layer of the Sally Hansen clear polish as a top coat but I didn't because I don't like having too many layers on as it takes ages to dry and I end up smudging it! 

 Products used:

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Models own Nude Beige

Sally Hansen base and top coat

Thanks for reading :)

Georgia x

Review | Accessorize Lovely Day Palette

I have a review for you today :) I bought this a while ago and have been meaning to review it for ages and I thought this would be a good time because it would be such a lovely Christmas present for someone who enjoys experimenting with makeup, and it's not too pricey either! 

I bought it from Superdrug for £8 but it's not on the website so the link below is to the accessorize website where it's £9.

It consists of 32 eyeshadows and comes in really nicely packaged case with a little elasticated fastening to stop the top from flapping open (something I wish my Stila palette had!) Accessorize describe it as a mixture of cool, warm, bright and nude colour which is definitely what it is! There is such a variety which I love because I find myself only ever buying nude colours so it's nice to have some different ones to choose from if I'm feeling adventurous!

The eyeshadows themselves are really nice, they are very creamy and they last all day without creasing (with eyelid primer!) The shimmery colours are a lot more pigmented than the matte shades but they are all very good quality for the price.

I really love the rose gold shimmery colour on the far right, second from bottom. (it would also be great if they had names!) it's definitely my favourite but I also love all the purple and greeny shades as both of these colours suit hazel eyes. :) I haven't yet used the blues or pinks but think these would look great on blue or green eyes.

So that's all for my review, I hope you found it useful if you're looking for something like this for yourself or as a christmas present!

Thanks for reading :)

Georgia x

P.S. Check out my Christmas gift guide, stocking fillers under £5 Guest post on Jo from Painted Glitter's blog!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Review | Benefit skincare set

How are you all?
Hope everyone's getting excited for Christmas! Have you finished your shopping yet? I only have a few more bits to get now! 
If you are still pondering on gift ideas and need some help, continue reading as I think that this little set would be a great present for someone who loves trying new skincare and it is very affordable too!

I ordered this from Feel unique for just £10!
It includes a mini facial polish, facial wash, toning lotion, facial emulsion, facial cream and eye cream. Let me start by saying what I first noticed myself, the whole range smells amazing! I'm rubbish at describing scents but its fresh and clean like the way a salon smells! And it's quite strong so if you prefer unscented skincare then you may want to avoid this set.

The packaging is lovely, as usual with benefit products and you get a little leaflet explaining what each product does in with the set. Overall I really liked it and I'm glad I bought it because even though I wasn't overly keen on the whole set, I discovered I actually really love a few of the bits so the £10 was worth it!
Toning lotion

This was one of my favourite products in the whole set and I'll definitely be repurchasing it again. It's a gel consistency and it's so lovely and fresh on the skin, and it leaves it really soft and moisturised. I have quite dry skin so this was nice for me but if you have oily skin you may not like this feeling as much.

Facial Polish

This was nice but I don't think I'd repurchase it. It's a nice exfoliant and smells lovely like the rest of the set but it's no different really from any other face scrub I've used and the full size costs £17.50 so I wouldn't say it's worth that, for my skin anyway.

Facial Wash

Again this was nice but not really much different from any other less expensive one so I wouldn't buy the full size.

Facial Cream

This is my favourite product in the whole set, and it may possibly be the best moisturizer I've ever tried! It's so thick and creamy (which is great if you have dry skin like me, but I'm not sure if oily skin would suit it) and soaks into the skin really well to prepare it for makeup. It smells amazing and the scent lingers for a while which is nice, you only need the tiniest bit for your whole face so even though £26.50 for the full size is quite a lot, I think it would last a long time and the quality is definitely worth the price.

 Facial emulsion

This is also a moisturizer targeted at oily or combination skin as it's oil free, it was lovely and light, but not really enough for my skin.

Eye Cream

This is a really nice product and it made my eyes a little bit less dark when I'd been using it for a week or so, but I have quite sensitive eyes so it did sting them a bit. I probably wouldn't buy this again because of this but the effects are noticeable, and it's a very good product.

So that's all for the review of this little set, I'm very glad I bought it and got to try all the products and find which ones suited my skin! I also think it would make such a cute little present that would appear to be far more expensive than it actually is!

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried any of these products? 
What did they do for your skin?

Georgia x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hello, remember me?

How are you?
Long time no see ay! I'm very sorry I have been a bit of a rubbish blogger lately, I had uni deadlines, then my birthday weekend and then I started my internship at Asos this Monday! 
So now now I'm free for the first day in two weeks I'm going to organise lots of posts for you all to schedule throughout the week :) 
This post is going to be all about my 21st birthday, which was fab! And I got spoiled by all my lovely friends and family,  and I really wanted to show you some of the lovely bits and pieces :) So I hope you all enjoy this, as these are my favourite sorts of posts to read!

First off my Auntie Jo made me this AMAZING cake, it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen and I didn't want to cut it up but it also tastes amazing so I'm glad I did! 

My boyfriend bought me this very sweet little Thomas Sabo charm bracelet :) Isn't it cute! I also love the little boxes Thomas Sabo stuff comes in, it reminds me of Confessions of a Shopaholic for some reason!

My lovely friend Nadine bought me this lovely hat from Zara!

My mum very kindly bought me this Vivienne Westwood flower necklace, it's so dainty and sweet and I really love it :)

You'll never guess who got this Butler and Wilson skull necklace for Nan! She's so 'trendy'!

I also got the 21 charm from my sister to put on my charm bracelet that I got as a special present for my 18th birthday :) That makes me feel rather old! :/

My friend Hannah also bought me this whiteboard Iphone cover which is such a good idea! I can draw new bits on it everyday, and when I went out for my birthday all my friends drew a little something on it for me! :)

This is definitely my favourite, my Mum got her friend to make this photo album for me full of pictures of friends and family, it's very sweet and personal. I didn't want to put the whole thing on the internet but here's one page! Ahh, Jelly shoes... If only I could wear you now without looking like a weirdo.

 I also got some clothes, my friend Hannah got me the grey skull vest from New Look, and I spent my birthday money on the rest :) The Jacket was from H&M, the denim shirt is from Topshop, the boots are from Topshop, Tartan Scarf from H&M and the bag is from Zara! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had a lovely birthday and I'm also rather excited to be 21, I can drink in America and drive in Hong Kong!

Thanks for reading!


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