Sunday, 23 December 2012

Instagram Diary #12

Westfield late night shopping and seeing the pretty lights :) | My lovely birthday bracelet! | Mine, Craig's and my little Sister's attempt at a gingerbread village! | I've just discovered peppermint hot chocolate and can't get enough! | Awkward train picture | You should never fall asleep first, you will get pen on your face and glittery nail polish on your thumbs | we love prank mirror! | Aww cute, my friends Hannah and Chris | Me and my pal Anthony! | Nadine and Hannah on my 21st :) | Me and Dani! | Three besties! | Attractive headgear for our house Christmas meal! | Walking to uni :) | Baked Camembert is the best! | Advent calendar! | Nintendo 64 Mario Kart night! | Hot Chocolate on a cold night! | Costa gingerbread and golden syrup muffin!

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