Wednesday, 6 August 2014

July Favourites

This month I have been really trying to slim down my makeup bag because it's not good for my back to keep carting it around... only joking its not that big. I have been loving my Bareminerals foundation since my April favourites and the way it's improved the look of my skin has inspired my to use much lighter products with more natural ingredients. 
This concealer is specifically for under eyes, it's like a lovely creamer moisturiser with a hint of colour to cover any darkness. Two in one eye cream and concealer significantly speeds up my getting ready time. What's not to love! See my review for more deets.
This became one of my favourite favourites very quickly! It's longlasting, its really moisturising without being sticky and its a lovely colour. See my review here :)
I got this bronzer free with my subscription to look magazine a while back, and its perfect. Its matte, it's not too dark so really nice for fair skin, and it blends really well. I've been wearing this every day this month with a little bit of peachy blush :)
This Bare Minerals Foundation has changed my life.. no exaggeration. When I first tested it, I wasn't sure how such a light powder would ever be able to give me enough coverage. It is light coverage but because it's so light an lets your skin breath unlike liquid foundations, my skin has drastically improved! It's clearer and more even toned so I sometimes even dare to go bare faced... Can't rave about this enough.

That's all folks!
What have you been loving through July?

Thanks for reading,

Georgia x

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