Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pamper Sesh

I love a good pamper sesh and when I  get chance to have one, I pull out all the stops. Wine, candles, bath bombs, hair masks, face masks, nail polish and a good book!
I got this Golden Wonder bath bomb in a big box of Lush stuff from my sister at Christmas and I couldn't wait to use it. I'd seen the magic in a shop one Saturday, when I was lingering behind someone who had asked for a demonstration of this wonderful creation, the lush lady got her silver bowl of water out and chucked it in and there was gold and blue and pink and tiny little stars! (I added some of my Soap and Glory foam call for some extra bubbles too!)
It smelt amazing, and left my skin feeling really soft. Obviously the Golden Wonder is part of the Christmas range so if you're lucky you may get one in the sale but otherwise below are 3 of the best lush bath products!... (in my opinion!)

It smells like blackberries, it makes pink bubbles and can be used in at least 4 different baths, so deffo worth the price!)

A bit pricey but it smells beautiful!

This is a bath melt so there are no bubbles but it might just be the best smell ever!

What's your fave lush product?
Do you love a bit of a pamper sesh too?

Georgia x


  1. Golden wonder is my favourite Lush bath bomb ever! I can't wait to use the ones I got for christmas!

  2. I love the mango bath melt however it's very pricey but leaves your skin so soft <3

    1. yes deffo more pricey but worth it, the smell is amazing! xx

  3. The golden wonder bath bomb is my favourite lush christmas item x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness


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