Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nail Tutorial!

Easy Peasy Spring Nails

Good Morningggg!
I thought I'd do something Spring like with my nails today as I have decided that I will prevail with Spring fashion and beauty despite the lack of Spring-like weather in England!
Hope you like it! :)

First of all I moisturized my hands and nails with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter (after sticking my nose in it for a while!) because the smell of nail polish makes me feel a bit queasy and this masks the smell a bit! And it makes my hands all lovely and soft!

Then I used the Collection 2000 Five day wear in French White (103) to paint to coats on all my nails except the one on my ring finger.

To make sure that it didn't feel left out, I then painted my ring finger nail in Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Model (44) which is a lovely turquoise which would look great with a tan (if the sun ever actually makes an appearance!)

I then got my Rio Professional Nail Art Pen in white and drew a peace sign on the green nail on my left hand (as my right hand is less shaky!) and a cross on the green nail on my right hand. :)  

Then I painted them all with a clear top-coat and.... Wa-laaa Spring nails which will go nicely with my spring wardrobe and make-up that I WILL be wearing in the cold and rain! :)


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