Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vo5 Give me Texture Instant Oomph Powder

I have been raving about this product to all my friends for months and months now and have repurchased it at leeeast three times! I have put off reviewing it until now because I wanted to try other brands of this type of product to see if it was the concept of styling powder I liked rather than this specific product. 

However I tried the Tresemme 24 hour plumping powder and also the Got2B Powder'ful Volumizing styling powder and this one is still my fave! The Tresemme one was good but I didn't think the smell was as nice and the Got2B Powder'ful one wasn't brilliant. It made my hair heavy and dragged it down rather than plumping it up.
So Yes Vo5 is number 1 for me!

It comes in this cute little pink bottle, perfect size to fit in your handbag. And the top is small enough so that just the right amount of powder comes out at a time.
I have used this for ages and will continue to repurchase, I have always had fine hair but used to have it quite long. I used it in the roots when I had long hair and it gave it a little lift but the ends were still flat, however now I have had shoulder length hair cut in I find it works wonders for me. I part my hair horizontally just above my ear and sprinkle some into the roots each side of my head, then also sprinkle a little bit over the top layer. Then I rub the roots and shake the layers with my fingers and waa laa it is lovely and volumous!  

Good points: 

  • Cute handbag-sized packaging!
  • Easy application
  • Lasts all day, when hair is looking flat again rub through your roots (you will feel the product still there) and it will look the same as when you first applied it!
  • Smells goooood
  • Considering there is only 7g in the bottle, it lasts a good while as you don't need much

Bad Points:

  • It is £4.07 per bottle in Boots which is a bit more than I'd like to pay for 7g of something... but it's worth it
  • If you apply while wearing dark clothes, you end up looking a bit dusty
  • If you apply too much, it counteracts and weighs hair down

So overall I am a huge fan, thanks Vo5 for creating something that makes me look like I actually possess thick lustrous hair! ;)

Thanks for reading!

Georgia :)


  1. Such a cool looking blog!
    I'll definitely be following your posts.

    1. Aww thank you :)
      I'm new to this so that's nice to hear xx

  2. I've been using the tresemme one lately, its good as you say but the smell is a little strange, may try this one when I've finished my pot!!

    1. Yess do! This one smells quite fruity :)
      And it's also cheaper!
      Hope you like it!


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