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Kate Moss for Rimmel

I mentioned in my blog post about the revlon and maybelline lipsticks that I have been in search of an orangy/coral tone lippy after seeing how Zoella incorporates this beauutttiful colour into her makeup! Call off all the searches!....I have found THE one :) 
Number 12 from the new Kate Moss for Rimmel Spring collection is my new favourite thing in the world of makeup!! I had previously bought shade 08 from the older Kate collection and wore this a lot during autumn and winter, so I knew how good the quality was anyway, and seeing in boots that they are reduced to £3.99 at the moment I couldn't resist!

The three I'm showing here are my old fave from autumn/ winter (number 08) which has a permanent place in my makeup bag, and which I will be trying to adapt for spring/summer too. And then two new shades (numbers 20 and 12) from the Spring range that I bought from Boots for £3.99 each. I have become somewhat of an addict so will be purchasing as many as I can from the new range, hopefully before the offer runs out!

First off the packaging is lovely, sleek black matte casing with Kate's name and a hand drawn heart in the same colour as the lipstick's shade on the lid. But I do rather prefer when lipsticks have names instead of numbers, much more creative and memorable, don't you think? Apparently Kate insisted on choosing the numbers though, don't know what difference it makes really! 

 Sorry about how blurry this picture is but you can see that the coloured sticker on the end is actually a really good representative of the colour of the lipstick.
I find it verrry annoying when you see a nice shade on the sticker, then pull out the tester and it's a completely different colour!
But no worries here, it's perfectly matched :)

This amazzzinggg hot pink is so pigmented and goes on the lips like a dream. It has blue undertones which help your teeth appear whiter, and is such a nice colour to wear on a night out with black liner and some lashes! 

This is the iconic shade Kate wears for the campaign, she teams it with a purple smoky eye which is rather brave, of course she can pull it off... she's Kate Moss. But for little old me this is deffo enough of a statement colour on it's own!

Number 12...

The one I have been searching high and low for... :D
This shade is sooo nice and sooo on trend, so I hear... It is such a lovely deep orange colour which sounds like it would be hard to wear, but actually it is really flattering. 

 I have recently been taking advantage of the beach near my uni house and (after some burning) have managed to gain a nice flush of colour in my face, and the sun also brings my freckles out which really compliments this shade :)

It is sooo pigmented and bold, however as lovely as this fact is, it means application has to be very neat! If it bleeds round the edges of your lips or gets on your teeth, you end up looking as though you have eaten a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese in a very messy fashion... not a particularly attractive look!

Last but definitely not least... number 08. I wore this sooo much in winter, it's a really nice nude colour which is a bit darker than my complexion... in a good way! This was the first lipstick from the Kate Moss range I purchased and it was with this lipstick I discovered how good the quality is. They are so creamy and soft, not drying for the lips at all. 

 Rimmel says that they have used a 'breakthrough formula featuring the black diamond pigment complex' which is what adds the slight sheen to the colours which makes them really stand out. Annnnd, massive bonus, they smell soo nice and fruity!

The only negative I would say about the colours that I have tried from the collection, is that they are not longlasting. To keep it looking bold you would need to re-apply every few hours. Which I think is a small price to pay for such a lovely lipstick! :)

Shimmery shimmery...
I usually prep my lips with one of these body shop lip salves before I apply any lipstick, and if I want a bit of a glossy look, over the top as well! Passionberry and Watermelon are lovely smells and for £2 each you can't go wrong really!

Overall I am loving these lippys! The next one on my wish list is deffo Number 16!
What are the other shades in the range like?
What's your favourite new spring shade?

Thanks for reading!

Georgia :)

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