Thursday, 21 June 2012

Anniversary gifts?

Gift Idea :)

It is coming up to mine and my boyfriends 5 year anniversary, and I've been panicking about what gift I can get him with no money! Hmmm...
I decided to make something myself, because then he's not allowed to say he doesn't like it! (hehehe)
So I have sorted some photos, old and new to put in a frame which we can put up when we move in together. I've been looking at Next's range of Multi collage frames and although some are wayy out of my price range, I have found some that may work! :) This Heart Collage Frame is so pretty and only £16. I also like the Black multi collage frame which is £20. Hmmm, hello overdraft!!

Thought I'd leave you with two of the pics I'm going to get printed!
Soppy I know but hope you like!

Thanks for reading!


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