Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee nails!

Happy Diamond Jubilee Queeny and citizens of the UK! Thought I'd get into the spirit the best way I know how... nail art :) Here are my Jubilee nails, they are little Union Jacks but I didn't go for the conventional red, white and blue as I wanted to be different and use some pastels! So I have have used three colours, the green is  Bourjois So Laque, the pink is Rimmel 60 second nail polish and I also used a white nail art pen. I realise they aren't the neatest of union jacks but it is very tricky (I haven't photographed my right hand!) I think they look quirky and like they are meant to be a bit wobbly... that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it! If you have an easy way of doing a straight line please do tell :)

                                                                Step 1: Paint base coat...

  Step 2: paint a cross and then a wonky cross in white...

Step three: Paint over white lines in pink, leaving outline!

Waa laa slightly... rustic, shall we say, Jubilee nails! 

I wore them today whilst celebrating the bank holiday by looking round the stalls and having a pic-nic at Hampton Court. The sun even came out, and I took a few good snaps, which I'll put in below! What are you doing to celebrate?
Enjoy the bank holiday!

Georgia :)

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