Monday, 11 June 2012

I'd like to report a bargain...

You know that really chuffed feeling when you buy something that is soooo pretty, perfect fit and a great bargain, and you just feel like you have to tell everyone about it? Well I have already told all my friends about this beautiful dress (so you know there will be an incident where we all turn up dressed the same at some point!) and now I shall share it with you...

H&M is a wondrous place, sometimes I search through for hours and all I can see is luminous orange ripped leggings and a green crop top with a picture of a horse on it... but occasionally I find something amazing!


  • It's £29.99 and I saw it again in stores last week so I believe it is still in H&M at the moment.
  • It has a white cotton under layer with adjustable straps, and the over layer is embroidered with butterflies, dragon flies flowers and skulls.
  • It is quite short, I'm only 5"3 and it comes half way up my thigh!
  • The bottom is straight but the ends of the sleeves are flared.

I think it is such a pretty pattern, such a flattering style and the price is amazing! Considering the unusual style, the lovely print and the shape, this dress could be mistaken for something in Toppers, which would be double the price!

Day time: 

Jacket: Topshop, Bag: Accessorize, Sandals: Topshop.

Night time:

Lipstick: Rimmel, Bag: Primark, Heels: Daisy street shoes

I'm sorry this picture isn't brill, I had to cut my friend out to avoid confusion, but you can see the shape of the dress which is what matters!

I will be wearing this a lot over summer night and day!

Hope you found this post interesting!

Have you found any amazing bargs for summer?

Thanks for reading :)

Georgia x


  1. Love you're blog, I follow u, dear.
    A lot of kisses,

  2. Such a perfect summer dress! and so much love for those black heels. Where are they from?

    Thankyou for the follow, following you back :) great blog!

    Becca x

    1. Thanks! They are from Daisy street shoes :)
      Thanks for commenting and following
      Georgia xx



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