Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Motel rocks quiz and a little treat!

I recently had an email telling me all about the Motel rocks trend quiz! As I quite often find myself on the Motel website anyway, I thought I'd give it a go! I discovered that I best suit the Sequin Trend (ohh how exciting!) and I found some great bits and pieces, below are my five favourites!

Try the quiz yourself here, and there is a great discount code at the end too!

P.s. I also have a little extra treat for you, just for today! 30% off anything at Motel, including the new party collection and all my picks below!

Hope you enjoy!

Georgia x

My 5 Faves from the Sequin Trend!


  1. I took the quiz and I got the sequin trend too, I love anything sparkly!
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

  2. I love the first dress! I also love anything sparkly.



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