Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Review | S Factor Heat Defence


I've been meaning to post about this product for a while as it's something I have been using for ages! When I first lightened my hair it was really badly damaged, and so I was trying lots of different heat defence sprays to try and prevent further damage! 
I tried lots of cheaper brands, wasting loads of money on products that weren't effective and actually were making it even worse. 

Then my hairdresser recommended that I try to find one without Alcohol in it, because alcohol dries out the hair,  meaning when you apply heat you are losing even more moisture. 

So I bought this Tigi S factor Heat defence spray which doesn't contain any alcohol for the slightly steeper price of £13.50 and I'm so glad I did!

It works so well, meaning despite using heat on my hair pretty much every day, my hair is still soft and I have hardly any split ends! (I obviously get it cut regularly as well which also helps!) You only need the tiniest bit and it lasts so long, I actually ended up spending less money because one bottle lasted me around 6 months!

It smells amazing, kind of sweet and light and the fact that it's a shine spray is also good for blonde hair which is naturally less shiny than darker hair.

Tigi say:

'This high tech thermal protectant provides a soft shine with a healthy finish while styling with a flat iron and also protects from daily UV rays. Vitamins A&E nourish the hair while acting as antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental damage. 

- Heat protective
- UV protective 
- Nourishes hair 
- Adds shine 
- Use on wet and dry hair.'

I say: 

It does exactly that for me and I doubt I'll ever use any other kind of heat defence spray now I have discovered this!

So that is all! I love this, if you're having the same problem with cheaper heat defence sprays, either have a look for an alcohol-free one or just go for this, I've actually saved myself money as it lasts such a long time!

Thanks for reading!

Georgia xx

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