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Guest Post | Lucinda Bounsall

So we know we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves here but all this snow and Baltic conditions have got us dreaming of warmer climes. We’ve found ourselves sat at our desks shivering and daydreaming about warm sun on our backs, longer days and generally just good vibes that the summer tends to bring! To be honest it’s been so long since we’ve seen blue sky that we don’t know if we would even recognise it if we saw it. We’ve been looking ahead at desperately bleak calendars and optimistically pencilling in vacation slots, tentatively whispering about jaunts abroad as though if we talk to loud we might scare off the summer!
It’s one of our favourite subjects, no matter what time of year, everyone loves a summer holiday and we’ve all been working so hard! It’s been a long cold winter and we’re looking forward to getting our warm weather wardrobes out of hibernation in preparation. So whether you’re planning a short city break, a backpacking trek around Europe or a romantic sojourn to the City of Love then make sure you have a read through our ultimate guide to summer essentials that any fashion savvy globetrotter should know! 

When we were younger summer holidays meant taking a trip with the family to the beach and whether you hit up Skegness or the Seychelles it would be sure to guarantee some of your happiest childhood memories. Beach holidays are still up there in our ideal summer pastimes regardless of whether you’re going with friends or family. Visiting some of the most sought after beach destinations can be extremely costly so if it’s not quite in your budget to jet off to Barbados or Cuba then there are still some fantastically impressive beaches a little closer to home right here in Europe.
Some of the top destinations to visit if you’re planning on getting your tan on next to the sea include the Greek islands, the south coast of France and the Canary Islands, all of which have beautiful beaches that come at a price tag that won’t leave you with an empty wallet.

The essentials to take on a beach holiday might seem pretty obvious but it seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that every time you leave the country you will always forget at least one thing! Try writing a checklist before you go away to avoid this happening.

1.       Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
2.       Mara Hoffman Bandeau Bikini
3.       Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil
4.       Nina Ricci Sunglasses
5.      Miu Miu Bow Embellished Bathing Suit
6.       Me&mee Cotton Canvas
7.       Maslin Zebra Towel
8.       Fatface Flipflops

If you’re looking forward to spending a weekend away with someone in particular then there really isn’t anywhere that compares to Paris, after all its not called the City of Love for nothing! A beautifully scenic city there is certainly no shortage of things to keep you entertained in Paris, from visiting the beautiful Scare Coeur or the Eifel Tower to dining in a fantastically quaint bistro in Montmartre you won’t be bored but that’s only if you need entertaining at all!

1.       La Perla Underwear
2.       Hermes Clutch
3.       Valentino Leather Dress
4.       Wallpaper Guide to Paris
5.       AERIN lipstick
6.       Chanel Les Exclusifs
7.       Saint Laurent Heels

A city break is the perfect option if you don’t have a lot of time to take off, a bank holiday is the ideal time to get away from everything and immerse yourself in a new culture. New York is one of the most popular city break destinations but if you feel that you need a bit more time to explore such an exciting city then yet again there are some fantastic locals right here in Blighty. You might think holidaying in the UK sounds dull but there are some fantastic cities to visit including Brighton, London, Edinburgh and Bath all lovely areas and you won’t even need your passport!

1.       Where Chefs Eat: A Guide
2.       Lomography Diana Mini Lomo camera
3.       Essie nail polish in Poppi
4.       Boucle Teak Coat
5.       J Crew sunglasses
6.       See By Chloe Weekend Bag
7.       Opening Ceremony Boots
8.       Clinique ‘Super City Block’

Girls weekends away are one of the most fun you’ll ever have and the best thing about travelling abroad with girls is that you can all swap clothes so the wardrobe possibilities are endless! Make sure if you’re planning a fully packed trip that includes more than one or two cocktails don’t forget to pack the painkillers for those inevitable hangovers. Also don’t expect others to provide the sunscreen because you always end up with none and trust us lobster red is not in this season! Some of the best holiday destinations to let your hair down with your girlfriends includes party islands such as Ibiza and cities with the added benefit of a beach such as Barcelona.

1.       Mellissa Odabash Cheeta Bikini
2.       Lulu Rose Flower Garland
3.       J.Crew Necklace
4.       Diana+ Mr Pink Camera
5.       Topshop Huey2 Gladiators
6.       Vintage denim cut-offs
7.       Morgan Tank
8.       Monki Sunglasses
9.       Banana Boat Sunscreen

Wherever you’re off to this year then make sure you get hold of all of your holiday essentials, if you have a different bikini each summer season then try not to spend too much as it will essentially go to waste. Try not to scrimp too much on the things that you will get the most wear out of and will use year after year such as sunglasses or a really good beach bag or weekend holdall.
If you’ve not decided on where you’re visiting then why not do a little bit of research, Pinterest is fantastic to pull together all your ideas. Why not make a little DIY holiday fund piggy bank to put all of your spare coins in, you’d be surprised how much you can save; you might not manage to afford flights to the big Apple but you can put it towards a couple of pool-side cocktails at least!

So there you have it, a short but hopefully inspiring little guide to everything holidaying, we can’t wait for all of that sun induced vitamin D; bring on the summer!
Where are you going this summer? What tips do you have for holidaying abroad?
This blog post was written by Lucinda Bounsall who works at

I love everything Lucinda has picked, it's definitely got me in the mood for summer! I'll be taking note when packing for my little romantic break to Italy in May! Can't wait :) Make sure you check out for all these pieces and more!

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