Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas Gift Guide | for boy pals!

Last week I posted my Christmas gift guide for girly friends (here) as part of the Christmas gift blogger competition and enjoyed it so much I thought I'd do a couple more! This one is what to buy for friends that are of the male persuasion, and they are all under £10 so that's fab too!

1. Tiger socks - £3 
Novelty socks are always a great Christmas present and these ones from Topman are really fun and they have loads of different animals to choose from!

2. Jelly shots - £3.99 
Any alcohol related presents are perfect for boys I find, and this is great because it has a little recipe book included too!

3. Mug - £9
This makes me chuckle! That is all.

4. Drinking games book - £3
Perfect for students!

5. Topman body wash set - £7
You have to have smellies as a Christmas present and this Topman set smells lovely!

So that's all! Hope you liked it and got some ideas :)

Thanks for reading!

Georgia xx

P.S. Look out for mine and Kukee's giveaway coming soon!

P.P.S. Check out the new Wishlist feature I have added to my blog, it shows a list of things I have been lusting after and links to where you can get them, I also update it pretty much everyday when I'm browsing and see something I like!

P.P.P.S. My boyfriend is doing Movember this year! I did a post about it which you can see here, and this is his fundraising page!


  1. Great to see you have done a post for what to buy men at christmas they are so hard to buy for! I brought the jelly shots for my brother last year.

    Running a GIVEAWAY on my blog open to everyone!:)

    1. Ahh glad you liked it!
      Thanks, I'll come and check it out :)


  2. Really love these ideas, I find it so hard buying presents for guys!
    I want the tiger socks for myself :)
    Daniella x

    1. glad it helped! yeah me too, they're so cute! x

  3. ya i know guys will get a kick out off those gifts.

  4. Great ideas, I'm too young for the alcohol ones though haha!

    1. ahh no, hope you liked the others though :) x

  5. That drinking games book is hilarious - gotta get that for someone! xo

  6. this is great, gave me some fab ideas!

  7. This is so helpful, I'm rubbish at buying for the men in my life!

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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