Sunday, 6 January 2013

December Faves!

It's time for December favourites! Yes 6th Jan is actually the time it's meant to be done you see, I'm not actually a week late! Anyway, I'm really sad December is finished! Although I am glad the Christmas decorations will come down today because every time I see them it reminds me Christmas is over for another year :( So here's some of my favourite things from my favourite month of the year! Hope you enjoy :)

Models own Ibiza mix
This has been so nice to wear over Christmas but I think I'll deffo still wear it in the new year, sparkles never go out of fashion! This has big and little bits of glitter in as well so it spreads out over the nail really nicely and looks great!

Dawn French - A Tiny Bit Marvellous
I read this whole book in a week over Christmas travelling to and from London on the train. It's such a good book, Dawn French writes it so well! It's actually hilarious, so much so that I was laughing out loud on the train at one point, awks. I'd really recommend reading it!
Topshop Lipstick in Nevada
I've been wearing this a lot over December in the daytime, it's a really nice light nude colour which is also a bit pinky. I love the packaging of Topshop lipsticks too!

Vivienne Westwood Flower Orb Necklace
I got this for my 21st which was near the beginning of December and I haven't taken it off since, (apart from when I go out drinking because I can't be trusted with something so dainty when under the influence of alcohol.)

Zara bag
I love this bag, it's like Mary Poppin's suitcase! It fits so much stuff in it! My boyfriend picked it up the other day and looked shocked at how heavy it is, and I had to then explain to him why it is essential that I carry around a notepad, a diary, a book, a mirror, my purse, coins lining the bottom, my makeup bag... hairspray... 10,000 receipts.... nail polish...empty glasses case...

I have also been loving watching Vlogmas on Youtube this month especially Jim Chapman's Channel! He's hilarious and so excited about everything! 

I'll leave you with my fave song on my fave album for December, Rihanna's Unapologetic!

What have been your fave things over December?

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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