Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review | Vivienne Westwood Let it Rock

I haven't ever done a perfume review because I'm not the best at describing smells but I got a few really nice ones for Christmas and thought I'd give it a go! Apologies if my descriptions make no sense, if you think I'm talking rubbish just look at the pictures of the pretty bottles!

'Vivienne Westwood's Let it Rock is an Oriental which opens with top notes of bergamot and freesia, which lead to a jasmine heart and dry down to a base of amber and patchouli.' 

Yeah... that's wasn't my writing unfortunately, I wish! Prepare for my less eloquent description...

This isn't a new perfume, I think it was released in 2007 but I have never seen it before now! My Nan bought it for me for Christmas, she knows I love Vivienne Westwood and it was such a thoughtful present :) First off I love the bottle! It's really thin and tall and the lid is the iconic orb! The glass has a sheen to it which in the light, reflects rainbow colours and the name is printed down the front of the bottle as if written in lipstick.

It's quite a strong fragrance and lasts all day, I only put a tiny bit on as I think it could be quite over powering if you used a lot. I'd describe it as a more grown up perfume, it's more musky than floral. I'm not sure what patchouli smells like but I can definitely recognise the jasmine! 

It's a really mature scent and definitely more of a special occasion perfume than one you wear every day!

Very.com stock it, take a look here.

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x


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