Thursday, 25 April 2013

Instagram Diary #16

Right I've been gone for a little while, sorry! I had a minor meltdown trying to finish 17,000 words in total for all my end of year assessments! All done and handed in now though, yayyy! I feel as free as a bird, and also at a bit of a loss as what to do now... So I thought I'd reintroduce my posts back in with an instagram diary of all my photos this month, and I'll now be back on track with all my usual posts :D

(top to bottom, left to right) My favourite body butter of all time! | Guinness on St Patrick's day! | Me and my friend Nadine dressed up for a night out as... can you guess? Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton! Yeah we gave it a try... | I took Danielleyc's advice and layered my Indian Ocean over my Barry M blueberry and loved it! | My ipod seemed to know I was on the train home from Portsmouth! | My new favourite tea :) | Easter flowers | Eating all the cake at a one year old's birthday party! Amazing butterscotch Mickey mouse cupcakes made by my friend Jessie, check out her other creations here! | Love a lush Easter egg! | My sister made Easter cupcakes | Glass of wine after a long hard day eating | My view everyday for what seemed like years! | Research for my last every essay as a student! | Taking a break and going a bit crazy with the cocktails at happy hour with Nadine! | We were drunk and peckish so we bought cupcakes! I've only just noticed I've been a bit cupcake mad this month | Suits you sir! What a gent, carrying my bag round Denham country park because he filled it up with his stuff and made it heavy! | My printed and bound final dissertation yessssssss! | All handed in and out of my hair! Such a good feeling! | My fruity breakfast, fruit toast and fruit! Fruit. | Celebrating my freedom by actually reading magazines, haven't done so in months! | Out in the park yesterday, my sister wanted to take more pictures of me for her photography A level, it's a hard life being a model... | 

That's it! Not done anything crazy really as most of my time has been spent hunched over my laptop! I look forward to getting back into doing normal posts now though and have lots of exciting things coming up :) 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love looking at instagram diaries! I'm still stressing over my dissertation haha! xx


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