Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A very pink themed...beauty wishlist

I want to try and grow my hair out a bit so I've been trying everything I can to not damage it, and I've heard that these inventions are better than a normal hairbrush in that they cause less breakages. So this is top of my shopping list right now, any hair growth tips you may know are also very welcome!

I'm constantly looking for the perfect concealer for under my eyes and I don't think I've ever found THE one, this one looks interesting because it has a moisturising ring...oooh

I've never tried anything by Daniel Sandler so I'm really curious about this fluid blusher, it's oil free and I can imagine it would be really easy to blend. Also the colour is pretty!

I am very unsure as to how good it would be to have your nail polish peel off, but I'm intrigued and I also hate removing nail polish so I really want to give this a go!

Have you tried any of these things?
What did you think?
What are you coveting at the moment?

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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