Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bourjois Twist up the Volume Mascara | Review

I love testing out a new mascaras! So when I picked up this little beauty from Bourjois at London Fashion Week I couldn't wait to try it!

As I've tried to show in the best way I could in the photos below, it has a little twist top with two settings which change the length and width of the wand.
The first setting is longer and the plastic bristles are set wider apart so they comb through all of the lashes and separate them. The second setting twists the wand so that the plastic bristles are closer together, so that it thickens and adds volume to the lashes.

I usually spend a lot of time combing through my lashes on the first setting to make sure they are all separated and coated from root to tip, before switching to the second setting and wiggling the wand through the root of my lashes (rather than at the ends which would make them look clumpy!)

                No Mascara                                   Coat 1                                      Coat 2

It's fab, and sooo black which I love! The formula is quite dry but without being flakey which is also good,and despite my love for natural bristle wands I actually have found myself preferring this plastic bristle wand recently! I like how much it really separates them and I can get to all of the little hard to reach lashes at each end of my eyes. 

You may have noticed that I have no mascara on my bottom lashes in these pictures, this is because there is only one mascara I dare to use on my bottom lashes, and that is Clinique's bottom lash mascara! Every single other one I've tried on my bottom lashes ends up half way down my face after a few hours, which, let me tell you... is not a good look!

But for top lashes this is my fave of the moment, it's lengthening, volumising and long lasting AND it does a snazzy wand twisting trick! What more could you want?!

Have you tried this fabulous new invention?
What's your favourite mascara?

Little exclusive for you as well... Bourjois are developing a new mascara formula to rival Benefit They're Real which, I don't know about you, but I am VERY much looking forward to!

Georgia x


  1. I have major eyelash envy - I wish mine were as long as yours! This mascara looks really good I've liked Bourjois ones in the past so I'd definitely try this out!


  2. That that mascara and your lashes look amazing xx


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