Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix | Review

I've been having a bit of a skin mare recently, English Winter weather does not help dry sensitive skin one bit! This review also has a little back story so if you want to get to the main bit jump ahead...
 I was shopping in London and a very clever sales lady enticed me towards her shop by saying she liked my coat, I'm a sucker for a compliment! So next thing I know I'm sat in a chair having something rubbed on to my hand. So it was a very posh product with gold pieces in it which she rubbed into the back of my hand, causing visible dirt and dead skin to be drawn out! As an obsessive hand washer, I was obviously horrified. But even more so when she pointed out that we wash our hands multiple times a day but only wash our faces twice a day... just imagine! 
So I was sold... until she mentioned it's £100 a bottle, then I politely excused myself and started frantically hunting for a cheaper product to do the same job.

Introducing the new addition to my skincare draw.... Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads
Now these don't quite work in the same way, these pads are to be used after cleansing your face, and I also use toner afterwards before applying my moisturiser. They contain glycolic and lactic acid to stimulate cell turnover which is supposed to give a smoother and brighter complexion. 
They also contain blue daisy to soothe and witch hazel to improve skin tone and they are mild enough to be used once or even twice daily. 

Since using these, the tone of my skin is so much more even, I have been having less break outs and the even the dryness is more controllable. This is because exfoliation is a really important step in any skincare routine, because your skin needs to be completely clean and fresh before applying moisturiser otherwise it won't sink in to the skin, it will just sit on top of the dead skin and dirt. (Another lovely tip I learned from the sales lady!)
They are also anti-ageing, which is not something on the top of my list as a 21 year old, but hey prevention is better than cure right?!

They are available in Boots (click here to have a look!) for £12.99 for a pot with 60 pads, and I don't know about you but that's way more within my price range!

Have you given these a try?
How much would you be willing to spend on skincare?

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Georgia x


  1. I am going to give these a go! Thank you for the review. Very big on skin care right now. xxx


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