Friday, 31 August 2012

August Faves!

It's the 31st August whhhattt?! I am finishing work this Sunday and then spending the next week doing uni work and making up for not doing anything all summer... oops! But first I shall tell you all about what I have been loving over the month of August :)

First off, my Topshop ear cuffs! I showed these in a post a while ago when I first bought them and I have been wearing them loads over summer! Whenever I have my hair tied up or pinned back I put one of these on the side of my ear and I feel just a little bit cool!

On the days which England has actually seen some sun this summer, I have been making the most of it by wearing these lace up sandals from Topshop with everything!

I'm so glad I bought Indian Ocean from Models Own's Beetlejuice collection because it's so pretty on it's own and recently I have found that it's actually magic and changes the colour of other nail polished used as a base coat! I painted it over Barry M Vivid Purple (left) which resulted in a goldy pink shade and also over Models Own Nude Beige (right) which provided such a good base for the colour to show off it's shimmery-ness.

I got this HD brows kit in Foxy in a Glossybox a while back and love using it for my eyebrows, but over August I have also discovered that it can be used as eyeshadows as well. I blend the warm brown shade with brown eyeliner to make a brown smokey eye which lasts really well all day!

I have been using this literally every day since I bought it, it's amazing and if you'd like to know more then you can see an in depth review here. I think I might just go as far as saying it's my favourite mascara!

I have recently started using this night cream instead of just my day moisturizer overnight and I have really noticed a big difference. This is really lovely and thick but doesn't feel to heavy on the face and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so soft and nourished! It also smells amazing and is very affordable.

Last but not least is my Lush mango bath melt! This smells soooo nice, I love strong fruity scents so this one is perfect for me! I used half of it in a bath and it made the whole bathroom smell amazing and I still smelt of mango for ages afterwards, and it made my skin feel so soft that I didn't even need to moisturize afterwards.

 I've also been really loving to watch Sunbeamsjess's Youtube video's this month, she has such nice clothes and I love all the outfits she puts together!

And I have been religiously reading Josielovesshoes's blog this month, her OOTD posts are so cute and the way she writes is so witty and she is always making me chuckle!

So that's it for August!
Hope you've all enjoyed the summer holidays :)
I'll leave you with a song I have listened to on repeat this month!

Thanks for reading :)


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Little Comets -  Dancing song


  1. i've been loving Lush as well recently - I got the NICEST face mask, and really want to try Eyes Right :) xo

  2. Great post, its making me want to go and splurge in Lush lol. I love the topshop ear cuffs too : )

  3. I just bought Indian Ocean, I love it so much! I didn't think to use it as a basecoat, deff trying that out! xxx

  4. Ooo I need to try out that Lush mascara! Cool post. :)
    If you have time, please come by and check out my blog and maybe follow!

    xo - Sheila


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