Monday, 6 August 2012

How to: make your own body scrub


Bit of a different sort of post from me today! I have been reading a lot of blogs posts about making your own products recently and I have always loved the concept but have never given it a go.

Then me and my sister saw this pretty little jar on sale for £2 in our local Garden Center and thought it would be perfect for holding some homemade body scrub! 

As I am a student and budgeting is a concern of mine, I thought I'd make it using cheap ingredients. This makes it far better value for money than the shop bought equivalents while also being simple and safe for the skin.

 So here you are, how to make your own body scrub: (featuring my little sister Lydia!)


Caster sugar: Finer than granulated sugar so gentler on the skin,
restores balance to skins oils,
helps to reduce blemishes,
doesn't clog up your pores,
natural glycolic acid helps moisturize and condition the skin whilst also protecting it from toxins.

Honey: Contains vitamin B6 which treats dry skin and also eczema,
increases skins elasticity,
boots collagen production,
contains amino acids which help skin retain moisture. 

Sainsburys Shower Cream: lightly scented,
PH balanced
 Paraben free.

Scent : The shower gel has a light floral scent which mixes well with the sweet smell of the honey and sugar, not too overpowering.

Consistency: It's 1 part shower gel 1 part sugar and 1 part honey so it's not thick but when you rub it in to the skin the sugar gently exfoliates whilst the shower gel means that it lathers slightly.

Results: I love that it's so simple and unlike some other body scrubs it doesn't irritate my skin, it's very gentle but still does the job and leaves skin feeling soft.

Value: The Jar was £2 in the sale and the rest of the products came to about £3 in total so £5 for a large amount of product (I'm not profesh enough to measure it out!) that I have made myself and suited to my own skin type is a barg!

We also bought another smaller jar to perhaps use for a homemade face product so watch out for another how to post on that!

Thanks for reading!


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