Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dupe of the century!

I've been away with my mum and sister on a girly shopping weekend to Cambridge, which was very fun and I'm back now to report the best barg I've ever found...ever!
So I was browsing round Topshop's Autumn collection and loved everything sooo much, but as always the prices are so high and just not practical for my student budget!
I eyed up this bag but decided against it as £38 is way too steep and then forgot all about it and mooched about some more shops, finally hitting good old Primark.
I walked past the bag section and heard this little voice saying 'hey, over here... buy me!' and turned around to see this! Practically identical, and only £6!!
(Excuse the excessive exclamation marks, I am very excited by this.)

It's faux leather rather than suede which I actually prefer, it's got a little handle strap and a fringe-y tassle on the side, gold detailing and gold studs all over the front.
The lining is black and it's quite a good size, but it doesn't have any pockets which is annoying but neither does the Topshop one!

I can't wait to use it, I think I'll pair it with my new Lilac Cutout dress from Republic and my Daisy Street Karmel Heels when I go out tomorrow night!

Have you found any good Primark dupes?

Thanks for reading!


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