Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping the Stash!

As I mentioned in my recent Haul, I have officially run out of money for this month so will be on a forced spending ban until pay day! I was tempted by a very nice Topshop sales assistant to open a Topshop store card and spend to my hearts content but... as my boyfriend rightly advises, I'm a spendaholic and really cannot be trusted with any sort of credit card type thing..Waa! So I thought now is a good time to do the Shopping the Stash tag, which is a really good chance to look through what I already have and be economical and all that!

First up my Charles Worthington Leave in conditioner! I really like the smell of this and it makes my hair feel really soft and kind of light and fresh!

Soap and Glory Face Soap! I got this in a gift set for christmas as you can see here, and haven't got round to using it daily yet because I've been using my Body Shop Tea tree set a lot! That is almost all gone so I thought I'd get going on this one! It smells lovely and it's really gentle on the skin and doesn't dry it out. I may get a full review done on this when I've been using it daily for a while too :)             

In my search through the messy drawer my makeup calls home, I found that I'd put these little perfume samples in a cute little bag at the back and forgotten all about them! I think they came from various Glossy Boxes but I don't think I've ever tried them so these have been liberated from the back of my drawer and placed in my handbag ready for use!

Fearne cotton loose powder eyeshadows! These were one of the things I was so excited to find! I used to use them loads, mostly all together for a smoky eye but they somehow got misplaced. I love Fearne cotton's range of makeup and can't wait until it comes back into Boots at christmas!

Elf Eyelid primer. I am ashamed to say that I ordered this from Elf and then never used it! It went in my drawer forgotten and I have neglected it until now, I used it yesterday with my MUA Heaven and Earth palette and it actually did quite a good job of setting my eyeshadow for the day! I'll deffo be using this more often now!

Bourjois smile enhancing lip gloss! I bought this when it first came out and really liked it but as I started to wear more lipsticks over the winter, it got forgotten. Now it's summery and warm again and I'm back into lipglosses a bit more I've dug it out! It's a lovely bright pink shade with blue undertones which makes your teeth appear whiter and the other end is a whitening gel to brush onto teeth in conjunction.

Clinique Cream eyeliner. I used to use every day for my winged liner but then I bought the Loreal liquid liner and found that a lot easier to use. But this is actually really good and it lasts forever without smudging so it's worth the effort it takes to put it on!

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lipgloss. I thought I'd lost this!! So happy I've found it again because it's almost full and I loves it! It's quite shimmery and sheer so I often wear it over lipsticks for a bit of a shine!

Last but not least I found my Topshop Highlighter! It's a really nice peachy colour with a really nice shimmer, I'll deffo be trying to use this a lot more!

I feel like I've got a whole new makeup collection now after finding this lot! And my makeup drawer is a whole lot tidier :)

Thanks for reading!

If you've done this tag leave it below for me to have a look at! :)


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  1. I have the Soap & Glory face soap, it's pretty good. Hope you enjoy using it!

  2. I really want to try a Topshop highlighter! Your nail varnish is gorgeous, what colour is it? xo

    1. Deffo do, it's lovely! :) Thanks it's models own hedkandi beach party!

  3. I just recently did this on my blog! Its great finding little gems you forgot about! Great finds!

    alizzet101.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Ohh I love these kinds of posts :) May have to do one myself!

  5. These look great, really want to try the topshop highlighter!

    Great blog btw, I'm now following you : )


    1. Thanks :) love your blog, following you now too :) xx

  6. I love the look of the highlighter :) I adore a bit of Charles Worthington, but I've not tried the leave in conditioner before. It may have to fall accidentally into my hands when I next go shopping haha xx



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