Saturday, 3 November 2012

October Faves

I should be using this time to write my essay on the representation of homosexuality in British TV drama but instead I'm going to postpone that to give you all my October favourites! Oops naughty...
I LOVE autumn and everything that comes with it, although I feel I am getting excited for Christmas way too early this year :/ Me and my friends (including Sophie!) snuck upstairs at a Halloween party last week to listen (and drunkenly sing along) to Christmas songs! 
I actually can't wait!
Anyway back to October, here are a few things I was loving over the month...

I bought this a while back and you can see here, and I have been wearing this so much this month, it goes with everything, it's so soft, and I love the colour and the marled look.

 Liz Earle bronzer

I got this as a freebie when I subscribed to Look magazine along with a lip gloss and the cleanse and polish, which was amazing! It's such a nice colour and it's such a good quality product. I've been wearing it every single day and I love it!

 Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

My boyfriend bought this for me in September when he came into a bit of money because he knew that I wanted it for ages and ages and he's lovely! I cannot even explain how much I love it, I wear it every day even if I'm not doing anything. It goes so well with my pyjamas! 

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

As you all know this is a limited edition so as soon as it was released again I snapped it up! It's such a lovely smell, if you haven't already go and sniff it, I've already used this whole bottle :( so I'll have to pick up another one asap!

 Burts Bees Miracle salve

It's getting so cold now and I always have the same old problem every year, cold chapped sore old lady hands. So I've been keeping this in my bag to put on whenever they start to get dry and it really works to keep them soft.

Bit of a different one to finish off! I recently started using my ipod again and I've rediscovered my love for it! I used to listen to music on my iphone but it drains the battery, and to have my whole music libary on there really takes up space. So I whipped this out, charged it up, updated the songs and I love it. 

Fave blogger: Spider leg lashes

I've recently discovered her blog and love it, she does such good beauty reviews and also has really nice taste in fashion! Her blog is great so go take a look :)

Other faves: 
series 1 of Revenge!

Thanks for reading!

What have you been loving this month?

Georgia x

P.S. Check out the new Wishlist feature I have added to my blog, it shows a list of things I have been lusting after and links to where you can get them, I also update it pretty much everyday when I'm browsing and see something I like!

P.P.S. My boyfriend is doing Movember this year! I did a post about it which you can see here, and this is his fundraising page!


  1. AAAAAAH as if you mentioned me, thank you! I am so excited right now! :) Ahaha. Happy girly.
    I'm completely obsessed with my bobble hat that I picked up in Primark at the moment, but your Topshop one looks so much better! xo

    1. Ahh haha that's ok! well my first stop was primark but I couldn't find any in my one so I went and forked out the money for this one! Xx

  2. Ahh I used to have that iPod but it got stolen! :( so sad it's so cute! I enjoyed our Christmas singing a lot, and I also enjoy your blog :) xxxx

    1. ahaha thanks soph! I have some videos of it! There is one of you and rob doing an amazing duet! I'll show you when I see you next xxx

  3. I STILL havent tried Snow Fairy yet, I must be the last person on the planet! I'm making it shopping priority now!

    I love your blog my the way, very pretty! <3

  4. oooh naughty naughty, get back to your essay!
    Actually no don't - that watch is too pretty not to share; the boyf has extremely good taste! (and I love it even more that it goes with your pajamas)

    Vanessa x

  5. Haha, that essay sounds like hardest thing on the planet, much prefer this post! :)

    1. It's very hard, I'm struggling through it now! haha thanks for commenting :) xx

  6. Love the Topshop jumper, Ive got a very similar one from H&M :)

    Check my blog out if you get a mo;

    1. Oh may have to look in H&M, I wear it so much I think I need a backup! haha Thanks for commenting, will do! xx

  7. I love the topshop bobble hat and the tophop jumper looks good too! I love liz earl products I find that they last for the whole day and work so well with your face :)

    Rose xo

    1. Ahh thanks! Yeah that bronzer is amazing, thanks for commenting :) xx

  8. I love all of these, especially that watch!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

    1. thanks! Yes definitely! following you now :) xx

  9. Love your watch.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

    1. Thanks! course, your blog is lovely, following you now :) xx

  10. Nice post!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥


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