Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Favourite spring trends!

Hellooo! How are you all? I'm back at uni now with a crazy 3 hour a week timetable, £3000 a year for this ay? :o So I have loads of posts planned and should have time to write them now! This one is about my favourite trends for spring and I've made you some pretty little pictures to illustrate! Hope you enjoy :) 
This is a trend that is constantly good, and all the new prints and styles for spring are great if you aren't too keen on colour!

I love both of these jackets and the whole trend! I'm a bit too girly to pull off anything too grungy, but the mix of tough biker and soft pastel is perfect!
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I recently bought the missguided hand sweatshirt! I love it, it's different and quirky and looks great tucked into a pretty skirt!
I've been seeing these EVERYWHERE lately! They are big for ss13 and the contrast panel is very flattering! Perfect with heels for a night out or with a jumper during the day :)

Which trends are you loving for ss13?

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x


  1. I love all the monochrome bits in the first picture! xo

  2. Great post! I love the monochrome trend and the panel trousers!

  3. I love the pastel biker jacket type things! Lovely post!

    Sammy xx

  4. Extremely jealous of your 3 hours a week timetable! Adore the warehouse panel trousers, they look so flattering xx

    1. haha it's great, I've been watching a lot of daytime tele! haha I know they are so lovely aren't they! Thanks for commenting :) xx

  5. I love the jumpers, my favourite it the Kapow and the hands one.


  6. Love the panel trousers on the right. I don't usually ever buy trousers but maybe it's worth a try :) x

    1. I don't usually either but I love them! thanks for commenting :) xx

  7. Love these trends, especially monochrome and quirky tees!


  8. omg I want all of those jumpers!! oh the topshop blouse looks so pretty!!


  9. loving those panel trousers! especially the first one! it looks super stylish yet elegant!


  10. WOW! Amazing blog post. Such great finds. The 'Pastel Biker' jackets are just adorable. Love the mint green one.

    Need to get my hands on one of them 'Cheeky' jumpers too.

    You can check out my blog if you like - Doing a free jewellery giveaway if you'd like a chance to win!

    Take care,

    Daniela - New Fan ox


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