Saturday, 6 April 2013

Review | Nip and Fab CC Range

Hello! How are you?
I've got a review for you today :) I bought the Nip and Fab CC range a while back hoping to find a light moisturising base with enough coverage to conceal redness. I heard about the new CC range and thought I'd try it out. CC stands for complexion corrector which is apparently 2013's answer to the BB craze! It was on offer when I bought it, so if I remember rightly, I got both the cream and the eye fix for around £18. At full price the cream is £14.99 and the eye fix is £9.95. 

I think that this is quite expensive for what it is, and I wouldn't even pay the discounted price again for it if I'm honest. When I first tried these products out I was really disappointed, the cream went really patchy and uneven, and the concealer didn't seem to have a lot of pigment to it at all and didn't have much effect.

On the first try I'd applied the cream with my real techniques buffing brush, so I tried instead to apply it with my fingers to see if that made any difference. This time it wasn't so patchy and melted into the skin a lot better, the coverage is quite good but the shade is definitely too dark and also too yellowy for my skin tone. But there are only two options, light and dark so not much variety available, at least at the moment. However it does last all day, swings and roundabouts! 

I have also been trying out the concealer in a few different ways, it hasn't got much coverage but is quite brightening so I use it with my collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and it works really well!

Overall I'm quite disappointed with this range, I'll continue to use it up but definitely won't repurchase it as it's really overpriced. Obviously this is dependent on skin type so it might work for you :) Or, if you don't fancy spending that much, I have discovered a cheaper alternative; I have been using my Rimmel Wake me Up foundation mixed together with moisturiser for lighter more natural looking coverage :)

Have you tried this range?
What did you think?
Have you tried any CC creams from other brands?

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful :)

Georgia x

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  1. awwww, bummer:(

  2. Such a shame it was a let down. Its not even like it's cheap either... boo nip + fab xx

  3. Looks good and fits good, Black is always stylish among leather jackets, this one works well. It helps block winds, and gives me style at the same time. The jacket from is very stylish and will work with a casual or slightly dressed up.

  4. I have these and wasnt impressed with the cream but I really liked the concealer!i use it under my usual concealer for a brighter coverage :) xx


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