Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hope you had a Lush Easter...

Hope you all had a nice Easter and a lovely four day weekend for those of you who had one! I very much enjoyed stuffing my face with chocolate. Luckily instead of more chocolate, Craig bought me this little treat from one of my favourite shops! 
Lush Funny Bunny contains a fluffy egg, a bunch of carrots and two bunny bubble bars, all wrapped up in a cute little scarf, which Craig suggested I use as a bandana... think I'll pass on that one.
I've used one of the little bunny bubble bars so far which was FAB. It made my bath all pink and smelt like vanilla.
I had one of the fluffy eggs last year too which you can read about here. And I'm very excited to try the carrots which apparently smell like oranges, lemons and blackcurrant! Yess please.

Have you tried any of Lush's Easter range?

This gift and all of the individual products mentioned here are still available to buy here!

Georgia x

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