Friday, 25 April 2014

Lace, backpacks and fishtail plaits

I've been finding myself dressing a bit more 'grungy' lately, I think I'm either trying to relive my teen years or trying to be an extra on Mad Fat Diary. I even went as far to rip my own jeans! 
Luckily it went better than when my 13 year old self attempted it...
They are quite old and faded Topshop Leigh Jeans which I never wore anymore because they'd seen better days, who would have known cutting holes in the knees could give them a new lease of life! I think the lacy top from H&M makes it a bit more feminine and the backpack from Primark adds even more 90s grungy-ness. 
I discovered this hair style when I was attempting some pretty milkmaid braids like this but failed because my hair is too short! But I played around and found out I could manage this pretty hairstyle which I shall call, 'milkmaid braids that have fallen down your head'... or something.
It's really easy, you just separate your hair messily into two sections, and do to fishtail plaits starting just behind your ears. Then twist them backwards and cross them over, tucking the ends of the hair under, and pin in place. I like it to look messy so I pulled at the roots and tousled it until I was happy with it and then sprayed it with hairspray and that's it!

Tweet or Instagram me pictures if you give this a try :)

Have a nice weekend!

Georgia x

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