Friday, 11 April 2014

Photo Diary

If you've been a follower for a while you'll know I've always loved Instagram. I post pictures daily, which I'm sure some people may find annoying (oops) and whenever I get five minutes I'm scrolling through liking other peoples photos. I've just downloaded the photo editing app Afterlight which I love! I was thinking of doing a what's on my iPhone post  if you'd be interested in seeing that? I saw Beauty Crush do a video on it here which I enjoyed! I'd have to work out how to do that in still photo form though, hmm I'll have a think! 
Here's a collection of some of my posts from the past few months if you're interested, follow my Instagram xgeorgia and tag me in your pictures to show me what you've been up to as well! :) I love finding new people to follow!

Georgia x

p.s. if you fancy some of those pink macarons click here,
and if you want to see more about that bronzer and highlighter click here, AND if you want to see more about the palette I used to create that look in the close up of my EYE click here! ;)

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