Friday, 3 August 2012

What's in my bag?


I've been meaning to do this post for ages and I've finally got around to it! I love having a good nose around peoples handbags (via blogs not in real life of course, that would be very inappropriate!) So I hope you guys enjoy this! 

Also 100+ followers!! It amazes and astounds me that so many people would want to read my little blog and I'm so happy and grateful that you all hit the follow button, so thanks :)

Purse - Christmas present from my boyfriend from Toppers!
House and car keys + bow key ring from Debenhams and heart key ring bought from a man dressed as Superman selling them for charity on Portmouth highstreet!
Topshop gift voucher holder - which now holds my oyster card and gym card.

Makeup bag - H&M
Brolly - Primark (essential in England, even in the summer!)
Body Spray - Boots
Hand Sanitizer - Boots 

Inside the makeup bag!
Lots of bits and bobs that I won't link now, but will do a separate post on this if you would be interested!

Sunglasses - Topshop last year
Glasses case - H&M
Ck one Shock
Vo5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder
Vera Wang Princess Solid Perfume
ELF Mist and Set
4head and Ibuprofen (just to be prepared!)
Kitty shaped Mirror!

The Mess!

By just looking at the other pictures you may be under the assumption that I'm a neat Under all the other stuff in my bag lives this mess.

Starburst - necessity 
Ben and Jerry's Shovel - Just so I can be ready whenever I see some ice cream!
Key for my locker at work.
A benefit card that I picked up somewhere!
Old travel cards and bus tickets.
A pen that I stole from work.
Batman Tickets from today!

So that's everything in my bag! 
Hope you enjoyed your nose around my stuff, if anyone has done one of these leave a link below for me as these are my fave type of posts!!

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Love these posts :) The Topshop purse is really nice! I've put your blogger button on my blog by the way :)! xx

    1. Thanks Amie!! I've returned the favour :) xx

  2. That is such a cute bag!!

  3. aha made me laugh when you said 'I love having a good nose around peoples handbags (via blogs not in real life of course, that would be very inappropriate!)' aha :) great post - congrats on 100+ followers! x

  4. I love reading whats in my bag posts :) i think they're so fun. Hope you'll stop by and check out my recent blog post :)


  5. I love posts like this! What did you think of the dark knight rises? I am trying to get my followers up at the moment so if you like what you see I will greatly appreciate your follow :). If you already follow I apologise.


    1. It was amazing! I want to see it again already! haha I'm following now :) xx

  6. I love your bag, and how you've laid out this post :) I adore these sorts of post! xx

  7. You have some great things in your bag and what a lovely bag it is. Happy I found your blog doll:)

    Sara xx (happy new followers)

  8. Love these posts


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