Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November Faves!

Happy December! Have you all got your advent calendars? 
I'm enjoying chocolate for breakfast every morning, and I can't wait until the 9th partly because it's my birthday, but mostly because my sister gives me her advent chocolate to celebrate! Isn't she sweet!
So this post is all about my favourite things over the month of November, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Topshop Skull Necklace
I found this again when I went home one weekend and rediscovered my love for it! It's only a cheap one from Topshop but I think it's really cute and looks pretty with a high necked top or shirt. 

Body Shop Almond Oil Hand Cream
It's that time of year when my hands start looking like old ladies and they get really sore so I keep this in my handbag in case of a old lady hand emergency. This one from the body shop is lovely, not greasy at all and it smells like almonds.

Soap and Glory Lipstick in Naked Beige
I've been really loving this shade recently, I think it finishes off daytime makeup really nicely and I love the Soap and Glory formula, it's really creamy and long lasting.

I bought this at the start of third year because I thought I could write my timetable in it and pretend to be organised, but I didn't realise just how much I'd depend on it. I've had so many deadlines and things to juggle, I've had to literally plan every minute of my day over November just so I can manage everything! oh and it's pretty :)

Barry M Nail Polish
I bought these a few weeks ago and haven't worn anything else since! I've been wearing them individually, mixing them up and all three together. Gotta love a glittery polish at christmas time! :) (Left to right) Black multi glitter, Black and Pink silver glitter. (hmm, imaginative names)

Primark Makeup Bag
Let me start by saying this was £3! Amazing right, and it's nice and big so I can fit everything in it for when I visit home!

Christmas Pyjamas!
These are another primark barg, £5 I believe. They are so soft and warm and I've been wearing them pretty much all day and night when I'm in my cold cold uni house where we don't turn the heating on!

Fave Blogger Danielleyc
I've recently starting following her blog and everything about it is so cute! Her posts are always amazing and if you haven't you should definitely go and have a look :)

Song Lucy Spraggan Tea and Toast
I'm so gutted Lucy had to leave the x factor, she's so good! I love love love this song!

So I'll leave you with another thing I've been enjoying lately, THE cutest and loveliest Christmas advert ever...

Thanks for reading!

What have you been loving over November?

Georgia x


  1. I love this advert it's so cute I love tour blog pop over to mine sometime xox coleoftheballl33.blogspot.co.uk

  2. beautiful products *_* your blog is very good and interesting :) im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. I have that diary and that make-up bag - great minds think alike ey!
    ablogbyabbie.blogspot.co.uk X

    1. haha really? Deffo! thanks for commenting :) xx

  4. That bag from Primark looks a little too good to pass up, I need a little make up bag to travel with as well! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I know £3 is such a barg! thanks for commenting :) xx

  5. i love the christmas pyjamas! i really want to get some xx

    1. Primark have really good ones this year :) xx

  6. Really need to get a diary this has just reminded me haha :-( and i love the glittery nail polish!! x


  7. That diary is so pretty! I never even thought to check out primark for make up bags, but I'm loving studs at the minute! Love lucy spraggan too



  8. I love the look of that skull necklace, could definitely be used to dress up a plain top.
    It seems Primark are coming out with a lot of cute things, might have to pay them a little visit x


  9. Cute post! and that diary is super cute.. I completely rely on my diary I'd be so lost without it!

    Christina x


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