Sunday, 24 February 2013

Guest Post | Ruffling up some spring fashion

It’s safe to say spring is almost here, signalling a shift from old to new, dark to light; shade to sunshine.

One of the more tangible ways we can get a hold of the changing seasons is through the renewal and rejuvenation of our wardrobes. Let’s be honest – in winter we tend to hide and hibernate. Desperate to stay as warm as possible, we swamp and smother ourselves in the oversized, dark and knitted.

Which, of course, is fine – why shouldn’t we desire warmth and comfort when it’s cold outside?

However, it’s time to throw off the layers and let the light in. Spring fashion is here and with it comes a rainbow of new designs, colour, trends and styles.

One of the most flamboyant and frivolous of the top trends for spring 2013 is arguably the most striking: ruffles. Completely altering winter’s silhouette, it has been seen adding luxurious layers to blouses, shirts and dresses, all of which cut dashing figures in bright cerise and turquoise colours. Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren and Gucci were just a few of the big fashion houses showing how it’s done. These ruffles aren’t there to add an embellished finish – these ruffles are pure statement - pure drama on the shoulders of fluttering females.

This is all very well if you are a catwalk queen. Strutting down catwalks with parrot-sized ruffles on each shoulder works beautifully in the grand theatre of haute couture. However, how do the rest of us ordinary folk wear it with the same sort of panache?
Well, the more girly-girls among us can breathe easy. Pretty ruffles weren’t just stitched onto shoulders, but onto hemlines and sleeves too, meaning fans can team the trend with more ordinary items - like a pair of their favourite jeans or some wedge sandals.
Alternatively, heading to the high street will offer a more palatable range of catwalk trends – in particular this fondness for ruffles. Next has an entire range dedicated to the style - their textured waterfall blouse is probably the most wearable of the collection, working with absolutely everything, from skinny jeans to pencil skirts for work, depending on a day or night look. The top is available in dusky pink, polka dot and floral print, so one of each should certainly set you off to a good start. There are other lovely and subtle touches too – a black ruffle cape is a delicate and dignified way of wrapping the trend around any outfit on those cooler days.

Like with all trends, wear it the way you want to – with your own style at the heart of it.


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