Saturday, 2 February 2013

January Favourites!

Hiya! How are you?
It's time for January Faves! I really like doing these posts, and I love reading other peoples too! It's nice to have a little round up of what you love, it makes me feel all appreciative! I've had a busy January! I kicked off the New Year in Cambridge with all my lovely friends, then I did the last two weeks of my internship at ASOS which was amazing, then I moved back to uni and braced myself to get going with my dissertation :/ It's going ok, but still a long way to go! How was your month? I do like a catch up! Right let's get on with it, hope you enjoy :)

Tartan Scarf H&M
It's been crazy weather recently, Portsmouth must be the windiest place ever, (or maybe I'm just not used to living near the sea) and I hate it because I have to walk to uni with an uncontrollable fringe but I do like to wrap up in this massive scarf from H&M and keep warm!

Body Shop Beautifying Oil

I got this in a set for Christmas from my boyfriend and it's really lovely! I've never really been into using oils, I love the body shop body butters and have a little collection going but I've recently been neglecting them for this! I really love using it, it dries really quickly so ideal to use in a rush and it's really moisturising on the skin. Apparently it can be used on your face and hair too so I'll have to give that a try!

Wah Nails Book of Nail Art
I also got this for Christmas from my little sister and it's amazing! I've been trying some of the ideas from it which you may have seen on instagram if you follow me, and the fact that it has stickers in the back excites the child in me greatly!

Soap and Glory Lipstick in Pom Pom
I'm so glad Soap and Glory bought out more colours in their lipstick range because it's such good quality lipstick and lasts ages. This colour is such a lovely berry colour and I've been really enjoying wearing it over January!

Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice
I also got this for Christmas from my Boyfriend! I'm sure you've all smelt it, it's really lovely and I'm doing a full review on it really soon so look out for that!

I've also really been loving Revenge Series 2! AMAZING!

What have you been loving this month?

Thanks for reading :)

Georgia x

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