Thursday, 19 July 2012

Balance Me rose otto intensive lip salve


Last week I posted this rather lovely sight on Instagram of my relaxing evening, candles, tea and magazines :) And to make it even better, with Glamour magazine this month they are giving away a  free Balance Me Rose Otto intensive lip salve. I was excited to see this because I'd heard a lot of good things about the brand, and everyone loves a freebie!

The first thing that impressed me about the brand in general was the fact that the ingredients are all organic. I use a lot of products that have ingredients in that I wouldn't even try to pronounce, and I always get a slightly guilty feeling about the damage all these different chemicals could be doing to my skin, hair etc. Eeek! But with this, I had no such concerns!

It is describes as an: '100% natural deeply nourishing lip and skin balm. Rose Otto and Palma Rosa are renowned for their nourishing, protecting and skin calming properties. This Balance Me salve provides an ultra glossy sheen to lips, whilst locking in moisture thanks to its organic castor oil and shea butter. The essential fatty acids and vitamins in Sweet Almond Oil and unrefined Beeswax give an instant hit of skin boosting benefits.'

I think: it is a really nice product and I've enjoyed using it throughout the day when my lips have felt dry, and also as part of my night time skin care routine so it can work over night. It smells lovely and is really thick so not much product is needed for each application. After a few minutes it begins to tingle slightly, which I imagine is the 'skin boosting benefits' at work! It plumps up my lips slightly and has really helped prevent dryness. I also used it before I applied my lipstick today and it also acts as a really good lip primer!

Overall I am very much enjoying this product and may repurchase once the sample has run out as it's £7.20 for 15ml on the Naturisimo website!

Which balance me sample did you pick up with Glamour this month?

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  1. I picked this up too and I love it :)! Tempted to stock up on it! xx

    1. Yeah I may buy a few issues of glamour, may as well for only £2! xx


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