Friday, 6 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award :)

Thanks to Amie from Belle-Amie for tagging me in this! She has a lovely blog and if you haven't yet then do go check it out :) 

Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?
I study journalism at university and we are advised to have a strong online presence and I've never really been a computer-y sort of person but then I started this blog and got hooked! It's been really enjoyable to do and I really love writing, and seeing that people have read and commented on something that I have written makes me really happy!

Describe a usual day in your life.
Well at the moment it's not that interesting! I am home from uni for summer and have a part time summer job at cinema. So I usually spend quite a bit of time online throughout the day, serve people popcorn and ice-cream and then see my boyfriend most evenings! Riveting stuff!!!

The best collaboration with a blogger.
As I spoke about a little bit here, I have written a post on Top 5 Summer Books for Faye from Girldoesgeek's online magazine called Girlgeekculture and I've enjoyed it so much!

The worst collaboration with a blogger.
I've not done many colloaborations with bloggers yet but the few I have done have been really good, everyone in the beauty blogging community is really friendly and that's one of the reasons I like it so much!

Describe what having a blog means to you.
It's a chance to practise and improve my writing which is something I love to do! And I love to be able to connect with other bloggers and meet new people through it :)

Nominate other bloggers.

So if you don't already read these lovely blogs, do go and check those out too!

Thanks again to Amie! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this :)




  1. Aw thank you hunny! That's so cool you study journalism, I wish I'd done a course like that xxx

    1. That's ok I love your blog! Thanks yeah I do really enjoy it :) Which course did you pick?

  2. Thank you so much x


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