Monday, 2 July 2012

June Faves!


I can't believe it's the 2nd July! And I'll tell you now, its more like January weather wise in England! It's cold and windy and rainy but that's ok with me because I'm in my nice warm living room with a cup of tea :)

Here are my favourites over the last month, the things I've found myself using a lot.
Hope you like :)

I recently did a blog post about this set which you can see here, and they definitely have earned their spot on my June faves! I got this set for christmas and used it on and off for a while, but this month I have been using it daily and have noticed such a difference! My skin is so much clearer now and I owe it all to the body shop :)

I bought this necklace from Coleyyyful's blog shop ages ago and have rediscovered how much I like it this month! It's so cute and dainty and also goes well with other longer necklaces!

And I also love how Cole from Coleyyyful packages things! It came in a little envelope with hearts drawn all over it and lots of pretty sparkly confetti bits inside! So cute :)

I spoke about this in a blog post last month and you can see that here. The shade I have is Warmth of Coral and I have literally worn this every day since I bought it! It's so pretty and really warm and peachy and gives me a summery look!

 Lychee Blossom Body Butter

I think this is one of my favourite smells ever. Words cannot describe how nice this is! Its really moisturising as well and I have been using it most days this month!

I got this for christmas in my Concealaholic set from Benefit and have been using it a lot this month! I mainly use it for under my eyes but also for blemishes and it is amazing, It covers up anything and everything!

I literally don't wear any other type of jeans, these are so comfy and such a nice shape! For June I wore these a lot to add some colour in to my wardrobe! :)

This was one of my Top 5 Summer Nail PolishesI got this in a Glossy box a while back and loved it then too. But I have worn it a few times over June because it's such a nice spring colour and I like the shimmer it has to it! I couldn't find the exact shade to link but I did find that they sell Leighton Denny in Marks and Spencers!

I bought this colour at the beginning of the month and have been wearing it all through June, it's such a nice light pink that isn't too bold but gives just enough colour for daytime!
If you want to see my review of Kate Moss for Rimmel Collection Lipsticks click here.

I got this free with Glamour magazine last month and have abandoned my other mascara's in favour of this! It's really good for my lashes. Because they are already quite long, I like a thin coat of mascara which lifts and separates them. This is the one for me and I will be buying the full size version when this runs out!

Topshop Sunglasses

I got these ages ago, last year I think and they have lasted me through to this summer too! Good old toppers, I have had them in my bag since April and whenever there is a hint of sunlight I whip them out straight away! I love the colour and pattern and think they go quite well with blonde hair!

Last but definitely not least, I have been loving this scent over June. I got it for christmas and saved it for spring/summer because I knew it would be more suited to this time of year! It's really light and floral and I've worn it lots over June. I also love the bottle, it's so cute and I can pop it easily in my handbag!
So that it for my June faves! Lots of things I know, I hope you enjoyed reading about them!

What were you loving over June?


  1. I love that little necklace, it's so cute! Your sunglasses are pretty too xxx

    1. It's sweet isn't it! Coleyyyful has such pretty things :) thanks for commenting! xx

  2. I really want to try out the Princess perfume, looks so pretty! And I have the Kate lipstick too, such a lovely pink colour. Great favourites! xx

    1. Deffo do for summer :)I think it will be one of those smells that always reminds me of summer!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. princess by vera wang is my absolute favorite scent - and i love how it changes/reacts to the chemicals in your skin and smells unique for everyone! whenever i wear it, it smells like maple syrup, my boyfriend loves it :) ha ha!
    but the warmth of coral blush has been on my wishlist for awhile -- it is such a pretty color!!


    1. ohh I didn't realise it did that! That's interesting, I may have to spritz other people with it see what happens! haha
      Deffo get the blush, I got it from the Cosmetics company outlet for about £12 I think!
      Thanks for commenting :)


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