Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover


As you may have seen, I bought this last week in my Haul! I had seen some bloggers talking about it and was very intrigued about how it worked! 
I'm am very lazy when it comes to nails, and have been known to leave nail polish on until it has all chipped off :/
Since I bought this, I have ditched my old nail-neglecting ways and I have changed my nails twice this week! 
I imagine the novelty will wear off after a while but for now I'm rather enjoying this product! :)

You shake up the bottle before use then just push your nail into the foam, twist it about a bit, pull it out and it's nail polish free!
It saves cotton pads, it's really quick and it's only £4.99 at Boots.
I would definitely recommend this :)

Have you tried this?
What do you think? 

Thanks for reading!


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