Friday, 6 July 2012

Hair and bad product experience!

Right I've been reading a lot of different blogger's hair stories this week and loving them, and I also have been wanting to write about a certain product that I didn't get on with very well so I thought I'd roll it all into one!

 I am very unadventurous with my hair, I had the same hair colour and style until I went to uni! The far left picture is me in my first year with my naturally brown, long-ish quite thin but otherwise in good condition, hairstyle. Then in the top right photo, I had a moment of madness over christmas 2010 and put red dye in which made me look so pale and washed out! Not a good decision...

So after that faded, I decided I wanted to be blonde! On a whim I purchased John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder lightening spray. At first I loved it and in the bottom left photo you can see that it really lightened my hair all over and at first it stayed in quite good condition. (Although I will say, in some lights it was a bit orangey!)

It works much like Sun-in, you spray it on wet hair and then as you use heat on it, it works to bleach your hair. I was using this every other day, which was probably more than the recommended dose! I used this for a few months and emptied two whole bottles and by the time I had finished my hair was sooo badly damaged. I have no photos of this time because as you can imagine, it wasn't my best look! 

My hair was by no means thick anyway but this product made it a lot thinner and I had so many split ends that I just couldn't keep it long anymore! :(

So I took the plunge, went to the hairdressers and got it cut to shoulder length and had a half head of highlights put through to break up the block colour that the lightening spray had left me with. And the end result is the last picture, which I'm actually really happy with! I think blonde hair makes me look less pale, and the shorter style suits me more and is sooo much easier to maintain.

So in a way, I'm glad all this happened because I like the end result, but I definitely wouldn't recommend using this product. I think I used too much of the product meaning it was very harsh on my hair and it has taken me a long time to get it looking healthy again. I usually like John Frieda products and this is not meant to be a malicious post, it just didn't work for me and I personally wouldn't recommend this product to anyone else. 

Have you used this product?
 How did you get along with it?

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  1. Your hair looks so pretty blonde! I have always been super adventurous with hair shaved, blonde, red, pink I've let my natural grow out now but I still get a bug to do something fun! Your hair looks so healthy! xo

    1. Thanks! ohh I've been contemplating a little bit of pink perhaps, don't know if you would like this too:
      Wash out colour is much less scary! haha

      Thanks for commenting :)


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