Monday, 22 October 2012

Guest-ober 4 | Vanessa Eves

 Hey guys! I'm Vanessa from and I'm delighted to be Georgia's guest blogger for the day. I'm going to share with you my top 5 items to instantly update your autumn/fall wardrobe with this season...

Now we all know the essentials needed for a basic winter wardrobe; black boots? Check. Brown boots? Check. Wool coat? Check. And so on.. But here's how to create a fresh new look this autumn without just buying new variations on the same old things .. (boring!)
1. Burgundy JeansNow if you already have this colour in your wardrobe, well done! You are officially bang on trend. They pair well with black & navy, but you can also get a little experimental and try them with other berry shades, or go classic with camel or cream.
Navy Snood
2. The Mega-SnoodI have about 4 of these in my wardrobe & I can't get enough, just chuck it over your head and go! So easy. No faffing about with tying a scarf 'just so', and get an oversized one and you'll look mega cute and cosy at the same time. Result!

3. Baroque Print Leggings
Now this trend was everywhere on the runway from Dolce Gabanna to Lanvin and Balmain, but if you don't fancy spending a years wages on an intricate baroque print jacket, then leggings is a great way to dip into the look. Now remember this IS a strong look, so keep it simple with a big black baggy knit and black wedges. Don't wear something tight fitting on your top half, and always remember with leggings you must have your top covering your bum! They are NOT trousers. 

The military look swings back around every AW season, and an easy way to translate this into your wardrobe is by injecting some army green into your outfit. You could always invest in a khaki blazer but a simple t shirt will easily do the trick too! I just picked up a cute skull print t shirt in the New Look mid-season sale (mid-season already??) for only a fiver.

Mannish tailoring is huge again this season but if you don't want to end up looking like an uncool Dad (sorry but I'm not a fan of women in trouser suits with ties!) tip both your toes into this trend with a mannish loafer. The studded versions are my favourite as I find a normal loafer just a bit boring, (EVERYTHING is better with studs on it anyway!) wear with skinny jeans and a floaty, feminine blouse to soften them up.


  1. Great post Love all the items you have described will have to get my hands on a pair of them leggings too.

    1. Those leggings are lovely aren't they! I love everything baroque! xx

  2. Great post, I got my burgundy jeans from topshop's Leigh fit last year and I've worn them to death :) xxxx

  3. me encantan las bufandas!


  4. Great colours! So perfect for fall

  5. i wanted some burgundy jeans last winter but didn't want to part with the money - definitely need to get some this winter!

  6. 1 & 2 are definite must-haves for me too! ;)

    The Style Rawr!

  7. Yay glad you enjoyed my post ladies, and thanks so much Georgia for having me!

    Vanessa x


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