Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Think Pink Tag!

I have been tagged by Jen from It's a Blondes Life to take part in the think pink tag for Breast Cancer Awareness month! 

Here are the rules of the tag:

1) Pick out your favorite pink food, make up item, fashion and random item.
2) Spread the message about breast cancer to a female friend/family in your life - the awareness, the symptoms, the checks, the healthy foods that helps prevent the disease... anything or everything! 
3) Write a blog post about 1 & 2, linking back to this post (and/or grab the cute button above!)!
4) Tag 3 of your blogger girlfriends to do the same!

Pink Food! -Raspberry Lemonade a.k.a the best drink ever

Pink makeup - Bourjois Blush in Rose de Jaspe


Pink Fashion - Model's own Bubblegum! It's so bright, and it's matte.


Random Pink item - Bunny iphone case, the most impractical/cute thing I have ever seen!

Now I am not one to be emosh, especially online for the whole world to see! So I thought I'd share something happy to hopefully raise awareness. I found this video in which the employees at St Vincent medical center enjoy a very snazzy pink glove dance to raise awareness of Breast cancer. Hope you enjoy, watch out for the 1.50 and the old guy with the very provocative moves!

I Tag:

Maria and

Thanks for reading!

Georgia x

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