Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Guest-ober 5 | Clare from A bit of this and that

Hello Lovely People,

My name is Clare and I write at ‘A Bit of This and That’. My blog does what it says on the tin. I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and anything else in between.

When Georgia asked me to write for her blog, I got excited. Then it came to the many (many) hours of thinking about what to write to you all about. As Georgia is a very fashionable lady I thought I’d give you two current styles or items that I am loving but also one thing that I’m not liking or just not getting.

My two favourites:

  • Studs: One of my current favourite trends of the moment. They can be subtle like on the collars of shirts but can also be in your face like a good pair of heels. The great thing about this trend is that it is really easy to DIY something with studs, so you can be totally individual. My favourite example of studding that I own is my studded heels and bag that I bought from Ebay and Primark respectively.

  • Galaxy Print: Now this one surprised me. When this trend came out, it was everywhere and I wasn’t sure of it, however recently have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and how did I do this? I bought a pair of galaxy print leggings. I got a few really nice comments from people, which made me happy. I showed off these leggings on my blog because I wanted to show you don’t have to be a skinny lady to wear the trends… us curvy ladies can too ( what do you think?

The Thing I don’t like:

  • Creepers: I’m 22, but I feel like an old lady with these shoes. I don’t get them. I hope people don’t hate me for saying this but I think they are ugly and when you type in creepers into google you get many pictures of people with really nice outfits, which are ruined by these shoes. I wish someone would explain to me what is good about these shoes. Casing point is this picture. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I would like to know what your favourite trends or fashion items, either leave me a comment below or come and chat with me on twitter or on my blog.

Till Next Time,

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